Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I have spent the best part of today cutting NG1 people out. It has taken a while but it is done.
Tomorrow I will do the same but with fabric. Glutton for punishment? who me never.

The NG1 people have turned out far better than I thought they would originally. As I spend time with them they are turning into quite the project.

So onwards and upwards I thought the project was going down a different route but the creative chatter thats going on in my head and with the NG1 people is very exciting.

I have always had a love of printing and collage and I believe the more you try to deny your true calling the more you are drawn back to it with a passion.
I have spent a great deal of time over thinking the project when all of a sudden like magic it starts revealing itself.

I have the NG1 people screen printed onto fabric and tomorrow I am going to create a fabric collage, why isnt there more hours in a day.

The colours are pleasing to the eye and the way all the people seem to be interacting with each other is exactly what I'm working towards with this piece.
People all over Nottingham are creating and making keeping conversations alive.

More adventures tomorrow I'm sure.


The big project, the one thats going out there, not just hanging in your space at Central College in Clifton Nottingham.
The creative chatter is rampant my thoughts and ideas are all over the place.(as usual ).
 Theres not enough time in each day and lets face it I do love to procrastinate, drink coffee, diet coke and check pinterest out.
Who said an iphone was a waste of money.

After a year of not being fully operational this project is my chance to really get back into it, and do the thing I love more than anything. MAKING.
After my prayer flags I had a real hankering for screen print. so off to the screen printing room for me.

A mixture of light blue and turquoise.

Not boys/girls just creative chatter people.

It was a productive day on thursday plenty of screen prints. I tried a couple of new colours and the results pleased me some what.
My NG1 people are pleasing me more than I thought they would, they are looking fine.

The next couple of days I'm going to play around with the many ideas swimming around my head.

The go to colour of RED.

It could be said I have an obsession with the colour RED, My first prints on Calico looked dirty and not crisp enough. But on 100% white cotton the image really spoke to me.

off to my studio to make something.

Dont forget to go have a look at artforantenna@blogspot.co.uk to take a peek at what the other students on my course are up to.  

Sunday, 27 January 2013


So every DIVA aka like myself needs a FABULOUS up do now and again. Hair has never been top of the to do list but all thats changed when I discovered the joys of "BLISSHAIR.COM" in Sherwood Nottingham.
Although as a company they have three salons and one fierce and fabulous owner
       MR NICK TEDD. Its a great hair dresser with some great team members.
 The above DO was done by the talented Sarah in the Nottingham branch. They make you feel so welcome the minute you walk in the door. They listen to what you want from a haircut colour extensions you name it.
Me I need a cut and go style. I am NEVER and I mean NEVER gonna spend hours getting my hair just right. I have art to be making and diet coke to be drinking. Essentials first is what i say.
 Sarah listened to my rants and made me feel like a million dollars. We gave the new colour smash a go. This product is so easy to use and the effects are great. Heather cant wait to get down there, get her bonce cut and choose some colours.
 As a company they give first class service and at REALLY great prices. If you follow them on Facebook they post late deals so if you get there at a drop of a hairpin even better prices are to be had. You have to act fast though these peeps are in demand.
 Up until i discovered the Bliss Team I thought Hair was a massive inconvenience they have made me look even better than before and my hair is awesome. The next step is too get my eyebrows sorted but the pain factor just puts me right off.
These brows have been alright for 37 years, heres to another 37 I say. So after reading this get yourself over to Bliss Hair or better still follow them on Facebook and get the year going with fabulous hair.
Every DIVA needs a fierce and fabulous Hair Do.

 Till next time KEEP STAMPING Clairexxx